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Alle Jahre wieder.

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Every time we say good bye …

I die a little. After my retirement from the business management of PAROL I now take leave also of this blog. For me it was a lot of delight and joy to pay homage to these wonderful people, the divas and heros in the olympus of PAROL. I wish Jeanette Niebelschütz and PAROL good luck!
Othmar [...]

Ab in die Erdbeerlounge!

Die Parol Schals werden auch auf dieser schönen Plattform: Erdbeerlounge (”Denn Dein Style rockt”) präsentiert.
Und: mit ein bisschen Fantasie, Stylr und einem Quäntchen Glück gewinnst Du eine Reise nach Ibiza mit dem Partner/der Partnerin Deiner Wahl oder Deines Herzens.

Mae Annual Birthday Celebration Gala

on Saturday, 14 August, at Times Square. And PAROL´s Mae West scarves were the top prize in the raffle. And we got a very nice compliment: PAROL, those German neckwear geniuses … Come up and see: MaeWest.blogspot is the most passionate Mae West fansite all over the world.
Mae West is the real Snowwhite

Thank to the [...]

Katharine Hepburn + 29. Juni 2003

PAROL has dedicated this extraordinary beautiful scarf to the wonderful Katharine Hepburn who has met her Maker today seven years ago in the biblical age of 94 years. Into the scarf is knitted her word of wisdom
“Success is when you get what you want/
Happiness is when you want what you get”

Katharine Hepburn was also [...]

Zarah Leander + 23. Juni 1981

The great actress and chanteuse Zarah Leander has met her Maker today twenty nine years ago. The most beautiful words about her long goodbye Zarah Leander has sung in the song “Yes, Sir!”

“Und muß ich mein irdisches Gastspiel beenden, yes, Sir! Sollt ihr euch nicht gleichgültig von mir wenden, no, Sir ! Ich habe geliebt, [...]

Clint Eastwood, * 31. Mai 1930

Changing of the guard. John Wayne to whom we´ve payed homage at 26th of May didn´t get a role in Hollywood he was eager to play. For Warner Brothers he was to old, 63 years that time. The part of the San Francisco Police Departement Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan has got the man of the [...]

John Wayne, * 26. Mai 1907

Today 103 years ago was the birthday of Marion Robert Morrison, the later Duke of Hollywood. John Wayne isn´t absolutely an icon of gender mainstreaming. I´ve  read a wonderfull homage to John Wayne by Claudius Seidl in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Learning from John Wayne: ugly, strong and dignified” (John Wayne requested his tombstone read [...]

Richard Wagner, * 22. Mai 1813

Bei Richard Wagner wird niemand an die leichte Muse denken, PAROL hat ihm indessen mit einem Schal gehuldigt, in den eine Zeile aus dem Gesang der Rheintöchter eingestrickt ist, die doch, nicht wahr, etwas gaga oder dada ist, beschwipst, als ob die Rheintöchter nicht im Rheinwasser, sondern in Champagner baden würden.

Hier sind die Rheintöchter in [...]

Jean Gabin, * 17. Mai 1904

Jean Gabin – c´est un homme, he is a man, he is a human being. If trust is the fundament of our world, then you can hear the basic chord listening the voice of Jean Gabin Maintenant Je Sais

Jean Gabin is  the rapper with an  grandseigneur with the optimal tempo and human speed, slow motion, [...]