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John Wayne, * 26. Mai 1907

Today 103 years ago was the birthday of Marion Robert Morrison, the later Duke of Hollywood. John Wayne isn´t absolutely an icon of gender mainstreaming. I´ve  read a wonderfull homage to John Wayne by Claudius Seidl in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Learning from John Wayne: ugly, strong and dignified” (John Wayne requested his tombstone read “Feo, Fuert y Formal”). The homage is ending:  “John Wayne, not a friend of abstract concepts, would have said: men and women don´t understand each other very well. But they cannot live without each other. That´s a challenge, man“.  John Wayne was the toughest cookie ever riding in the wild west. John Wayne had a figure and physiognomy like the Monument Valley. My favorite movies were The Searchers, directed by John Ford,  and Red River, directed by Howard Hawks. In these movies I´ve liked to ride with the Duke. Did you know that John Wayne could sing? Please, listen his duet with Dean Martin “Everybody loves somebody somtime ...”

PAROL pays homage to the Greatest Cowboy of all times with these scarves

47_john wayne black 61825 - FK 830, web

48_john wayne brandy 61825 - FK 614, web

Isn´t it, Ladies and Gentlemen?

And here you´ll find the beautiful and very informative official John Wayne Site. There are Old Guys Rules, for example “Nobody ever saw a cowboy on the psychiatrist’s couch.”

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