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Monthly Archives: Dezember 2009

Photo Session in Sanssouci – In Remembrance of hot summer days

We heartly thank the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg that we could portray the PAROL scarves with our wonderful team in the orangery and gardens of Sanssouci. Have you ten minutes for looking impressions of the very relaxed foto-shooting on  two  very hot summer days? Please, have a look
Photo Session 29th and 30th of [...]

Rainer Maria Rilke + 29. Dezember 1926

As recently as 4th December we could celebrate Rilke´s birthday.
Now as the New Year is knocking at our door we will salute our friends, lovers of PAROL and all wanderers coming over our sites with a beautiful New year Poem of Rilke. Because we are not able to translate this poem appropriately we present to [...]

Hildegard Knef * 28. Dezember 1925

Besides Edith Piaf and Zarah Leander Hildegard Frieda Albertina Knef is the third Grande Dame of Chanson and Song in the Olympus of PAROL. Marlene Dietrich will be the next joining this small society.
What a life! What an oeuvre! More than 50 years Hildegard Knef stood at the front in the struggle against bigotry [...]

Charlie Chaplin + 25.12.1977

At Christmas Day 32 years ago Charlie Chaplin has met his Maker in the biblical age of 88 years. Never I´ve “wasted” so much time before beginning a homage to one of our divas and heros. I was lost between smiling and roaring with laughter looking Charlie in the boxring, as policeman in the Easy [...]

PAROL wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PAOROL wishes all beings, our friends, our comrades-in-”arms”, our customers, afficionados, surfers and other wanderes, who come by here, merry, merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy  New Year 2010! Oh my Goodness, as times go by! We will have PAROL time, the global warming will have a break the next three months.

PAROL 2009 over and [...]

Marcello Mastroianni + 19.12.1996

That somebody like Marcello Mastroianni had to meet his maker, it´s a misery. We would gladly have seen him being immortal with his glance very slow being a mirror of the world. Ars longa, vita brevis. PAROL has celebrated the birthday of Marcello Mastroianni at 28th of September. Instead of many words, I´m very glad [...]

Edith Piaf * 19.12.1915

Once again a commemoration day for two,  shortly after we have remembered at 30th of November the birthday of Winston Churchill and the long goodbye of Oscar Wilde. In the olypmpus of PAROL are 27 divas and heros. So the probability of two double commemorations is very low.
Edith Piaf, the sparrow of Paris, she is [...]

Die Wahrheit ist immer konkret
Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin

PAROL was allowed to support KONKRET publishing in the campaign
The scarf for the neck and books for the brains.
Revolutionaries must patiently be “fortiter in re suaviter in modo” as the old Romans have said, strong in the concern and pleasant in the sound. Dress and warm up [...]

Antje and Lookalike

PAROL has some wonderful models, for example Antje

It was not at all difficult to find a lookalike for Antje, a really great actress. Do you know her?

Her director was this gentleman

And here Antje just before revolution 1989 and with two of her scamps

Fortsetzung folgt. Mit Bella, mit Dietrich, mit Albert …

Rainer Maria Rilke * 4. Dezember 1875

Is Rainer Maria Rilke PAROL´s patron saint? He has written the poem “Shawl”. We don´t dare to translate it into English. Please learn German
O Flucht aus uns und Zu-flucht in den Shawl,
und, um die stille Mitte, das Begehren,
es möchte noch einmal und noch einmal
die unerhörte Blume wiederkehren
die sich vollzieht im schwingenden Geweb
From: Poems 1922 – [...]