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Scarves with “Truisms” from Jenny Holzer

This was a challenge that amused and enjoyed us a lot.

Jenny Holzer is surely one of the most important contemporary artists .  Her oeuvre was already presented in many grand art institutions, museums, expositions, for example Guggenheim, New York, Centre Pompidou, Paris, in the American Pavillion of the Venice Biennale.

The probably most famous work of Jenny Holzer are her “Truisms”  (a list you´ll found here). Jenny Holzer has collected series of a statements and aphorisms since 1979 and has presented them in different ways preferably in public spaces, examples: Berlin, Florence, New York, Venice

Jenny Holzer Berlin Jenny Holzer, Florenz Jenny Holzer, New York Jenny Holzer, Venedig

(Source: Jenny Holzer Site)

The Fondation Beyeler presents in an exposition from 1th November 2009 to 24th January 2010 the American Conceptual Artist Jenny Holzer in the famous museum building by Renzo Piano in Riehen/Basel.

Comprising texts of Jenny Holzer since the late 70th years important object from different epoques since the early 80th are exhibited.  The focus of the exhibition ar new works which are partely presented the first time in Europe, painting and sculptures and the famour LED-Installations (more information about the exhibition).

In close cooparation with the artist and the Fondation Beyeler PAROL has designed two scarves “Truisms” of Jenny Holzer ar knitted into: “PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT” and “YOU MUST HAVE ONE GRAND PASSION”.  This presentation is a woldwide premiere, the first time one can protect the neck with truisms and can feel their warming spiritual powers.

You must have one grand passion SCHMAL final a)

protect me from what i want BREIT final

The scarves are made by best Italian threads, finely combed cotton with microfibre, and were manufactured in a traditional knitting mill in Thuringia/Germany.  The mission of PAROL is designing beautiful scarves immortal evergreen sentences and bonmot of divas & heros of literature, film, music, art, history are knitted into them.

The scarves with the Truisms of Jenny Holzer will be  exclusivly sold by the Art Shop of the Fondation Beyeler

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