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Rückblick: Leipziger Buchmesse 2011

Das Glück kennt nur Minuten der Rest ist warteraum

Das Glück kennt nur Minuten, der Rest ist Warteraum

An dieser Stelle einen herzlichen Dank an alle Besucher des Parol-Standes auf der Leipziger Buchmesse 2011. Es war großartig. Natürlich ist zu erwarten, dass auf einer Veranstaltung, die sich dem geschriebenen Wort in all seinen Facetten widmet, der ein oder andere die fabelhaften Schals von Parol für sich entdeckt. Aber mit so viel Liebe und Begeisterung haben wir wirklich nicht gerechnet. Es freut natürlich auch, dass der ein oder andere Schal  einen neuen Besitzer fand, welcher ihn nun hoffentlich für lange Zeit mit stolzem Haupte tragen kann.







Leipziger Buchmesse & Sommerzeit

Mit Freuden verkünden wir, dass PAROL dieses Jahr auf der Leipziger Buchmesse vertreten sein wird. Wer also die von allzu viel Papiergestreichel rauen Hände mit dem kuscheligen Griff von feinster Wolle entspannen möchte, möge uns in Halle 3 ART & BOOK, Stand D507 besuchen.
Noch größere Freuden entzünden allerdings die Tücher der neuen PAROL Sommerkollektion. Pure Schönheit, reine Baumwolle — auf zum Klassiker. PREVIEW





Alle Jahre wieder.

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Every time we say good bye …

I die a little. After my retirement from the business management of PAROL I now take leave also of this blog. For me it was a lot of delight and joy to pay homage to these wonderful people, the divas and heros in the olympus of PAROL. I wish Jeanette Niebelschütz and PAROL good luck!

Othmar “Parol”

Ab in die Erdbeerlounge!

Die Parol Schals werden auch auf dieser schönen Plattform: Erdbeerlounge (”Denn Dein Style rockt”) präsentiert.

Und: mit ein bisschen Fantasie, Stylr und einem Quäntchen Glück gewinnst Du eine Reise nach Ibiza mit dem Partner/der Partnerin Deiner Wahl oder Deines Herzens.

Mae Annual Birthday Celebration Gala

on Saturday, 14 August, at Times Square. And PAROL´s Mae West scarves were the top prize in the raffle. And we got a very nice compliment: PAROL, those German neckwear geniuses … Come up and see: MaeWest.blogspot is the most passionate Mae West fansite all over the world.

Mae West is the real Snowwhite

Thank to the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming.

Katharine Hepburn + 29. Juni 2003

PAROL has dedicated this extraordinary beautiful scarf to the wonderful Katharine Hepburn who has met her Maker today seven years ago in the biblical age of 94 years. Into the scarf is knitted her word of wisdom

Success is when you get what you want/

Happiness is when you want what you get

111_M_Hepburn_rubin 111_M_Hepburn_rubin3

Katharine Hepburn was also a master of pointed and elegant phrases. Here you´ll find an anthology you´ll enjoy.

Katharine Hepburn´s love story with Spencer Tracy was surely one of Hollywood´s greatest love stories ever.  Admirable and amazing was the discretion of the twosome and the confidentiality of all friends who have known their relationship. Not until Spencer Tracy´s death 1967 this love story which has took long 26 years came before the public. Katharine Hepburn who has cared for Spencer Tracy until his death has called his woman and his family.  With respect to the family she didn´t attend his funeral.  As homage to this great love we like to present the final monologue of Spencer Tracy in their last concerted movie Guess Who´s Coming to dinner. Both knew that theses would be his last words in a movie. What a Good bye. 17 days later Spencer Tracy died

We don´t want to fail to give you the information that at 17th of July ther will be a very magic midsummernight gala at the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Zarah Leander + 23. Juni 1981

The great actress and chanteuse Zarah Leander has met her Maker today twenty nine years ago. The most beautiful words about her long goodbye Zarah Leander has sung in the song “Yes, Sir!”

Und muß ich mein irdisches Gastspiel beenden, yes, Sir! Sollt ihr euch nicht gleichgültig von mir wenden, no, Sir ! Ich habe geliebt, und ich habe geküßt, weil die Liebe doch dazu erfunden ist, wie alle`s auch hier tun seit tausenden Jahren, nur darf man um Gottes will`n nichts erfahren.
Yes, Sir ! Yes, Sir ! So bin ich am ganzen Leibe ich , so bin ich und so bleibe ich. Yes, Sir!

I try to translate: “And wenn I´ve to end my earthly guest performance, yes, Sir! You should not  unconcernedly turn away from me, no, Sir! I have loved, I have kissed ´cause love is invented for that. All people like to do that since thousands of years, but it should be a secret for God´s sake. Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! So I am with body and soul, so I am and so I will stay. Yes, Sir”

And this line PAROL has knitted into a very nice scarf made by finely combed cotton


Hallelujah, Zarah! Here you´ll find the Zarah Leander Scarf in the PAROL Shop. And here our post in the occassion of her birthday at 15th of March.

Clint Eastwood, * 31. Mai 1930

Changing of the guard. John Wayne to whom we´ve payed homage at 26th of May didn´t get a role in Hollywood he was eager to play. For Warner Brothers he was to old, 63 years that time. The part of the San Francisco Police Departement Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan has got the man of the day we heartly congratulate on his birthday. Clint Eastwood is now 80 years old, a living Hollywood legend. Monumental like John Wayne. Clint Eastwood is an old master – and he is not at all tired, he the “guy who is making movies”.

John Wayne´s quote “Speak slow, speak low and don´t say to much” would perfectly fit to Clint Eastwood, especially to his role of the man without name we´ve seen in the sixties of the last century in the Spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars more, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Clint Eastwood only needed to squint his eyes and to move the cigarillo between his lips; I don´t remember an actor who got such a high profil with so minimal.  means. He is really laconic. Here you can see The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Finale with the music of Ennio Morricone, “Go ahead …” Clint Eastwood says to Eli Wallach.

PAROL pays homage to Clint Eastwood with a scarf the legendary catchphrase is knitted into it

34_Eastwood schmal 61881 - FK 618, komprimiert

Everybody knows the movies of Clint Eastwood and has some favorite ones. But Clint Eastwood was also a very good pianist, he is a Jazz-Afficionado – I like very much his Charlie Parker movie “Bird” – , he has written an composed also a lot of soundtracks. Obviously he enjoyed to sing, please listen “Beers to you” he has sung with Ray Charles.  It must been  a very, very good time and a very wet joke – and I need to be a bit tipsy because it´s not easy to honour two guys if this size in only one week. Okay?

John Wayne, * 26. Mai 1907

Today 103 years ago was the birthday of Marion Robert Morrison, the later Duke of Hollywood. John Wayne isn´t absolutely an icon of gender mainstreaming. I´ve  read a wonderfull homage to John Wayne by Claudius Seidl in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Learning from John Wayne: ugly, strong and dignified” (John Wayne requested his tombstone read “Feo, Fuert y Formal”). The homage is ending:  “John Wayne, not a friend of abstract concepts, would have said: men and women don´t understand each other very well. But they cannot live without each other. That´s a challenge, man“.  John Wayne was the toughest cookie ever riding in the wild west. John Wayne had a figure and physiognomy like the Monument Valley. My favorite movies were The Searchers, directed by John Ford,  and Red River, directed by Howard Hawks. In these movies I´ve liked to ride with the Duke. Did you know that John Wayne could sing? Please, listen his duet with Dean Martin “Everybody loves somebody somtime ...”

PAROL pays homage to the Greatest Cowboy of all times with these scarves

47_john wayne black 61825 - FK 830, web

48_john wayne brandy 61825 - FK 614, web

Isn´t it, Ladies and Gentlemen?

And here you´ll find the beautiful and very informative official John Wayne Site. There are Old Guys Rules, for example “Nobody ever saw a cowboy on the psychiatrist’s couch.”